King Edward VI Grammar School 切姆斯福德

校长's 欢迎


欢迎来到桶. It is a great honour to be responsible for the leadership of this remarkable school. 桶 is one of England’s leading state grammar schools, and it has a history dating back to its foundation in 1551, and origins prior to that. Its reputation is built on sustained outstanding examination results, an ethos of equality and openness to students of all social and ethnic backgrounds who are admitted, and a deep concern to support young people in developing their personal talents and interests and in learning to work with others. It mixes a traditional emphasis on courtesy, personal conduct and respect for others, with a modern interest in the latest educational research.

As a school specifically providing specialist education to very able young people, there is a strong focus on academic achievement, with the vast majority of students (both those boys who join in Year 7, 和学生, 包括女孩, who join for the sixth form) going on to top universities. There is a serious work ethic at 桶 which derives from highly motivated students and dedicated staff. Recent results have put us near the top of national 普通中等教育证书考试 and A level rankings, and for example in Summer 2022, 25 students went on to study at Oxford or Cambridge (and in each of the previous three years, 23 students left us to go on to Oxford or Cambridge). A total of 30 students in Summer 2022 gained places to study Medicine (including dentistry and veterinary medicine). 然而, league tables are not our guiding principle – we value breadth of study as well – and such tables can sometimes be misleading, depending on what they include or how they are ranked. We also focus significant effort on the progress of students who may find a particular subject area more challenging than others, and we have an extensive programme of mentor support. And an analysis of the attainment of 桶 students from less advantaged backgrounds who are entitled to the Government’s “pupil premium” shows that they often outperform their 桶 cohort in terms of progress made.

然而, despite the undoubted focus on academic study, our key objective is to enable our students to develop as well-rounded individuals. We provide a huge range of extra-curricular opportunities, 以及旅游, expeditions and exchanges. We have done a lot of recent work on issues of equality and respect towards other people and we put a strong emphasis on the concept of service to others, both within and outside the school. Our pastoral system provides outstanding support and guidance, and our aim is that students enjoy coming to school each day for the sheer love of learning and the experience of belonging to the 桶 community. We also value strongly our numerous partnerships with local primary and secondary schools and believe that 桶 should play a strong role in the 切姆斯福德 community as it has done for many years.

The school's motto is 'Quicquid agas sapiens age fortiter ex animoque' – which at 桶 has traditionally been rendered as “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might” (Ecclesiastes 9:10) - and this is precisely the spirit in which 桶 students and staff work on a daily basis. Please take time to browse through these pages to find further information. And please do feel free to contact me at